Opinion piece – The Next Great Migration.

This is a New York Times opinion piece making the case for more Black Americans to consider expatriation.

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Word For The Year: 2015

Originally posted on D'NALI:
I don’t have to go over in detail what 2014 was for me; if you’ve read this blog, even occasionally, you’ll know that 2014 kicked my “youknowwhat”.  Although I’m coming to terms with the facts that — even in difficult moments, God is present and that every experience is an…

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Then and now.

Who forces time is pushed back by time; who yields to time finds time on his side. –The Talmud (NOTE: this is a long one, with a bit of cursing, disclosure, no punches pulled, and vulnerability. Don’t like any of that? Don’t bother reading any further.) NEW #MustRead #blog post: Then and now. #postaweek #expatriate […]

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Gratitude 10.26.2014.

Written 10.26.2014: I’m feeling: relaxed after getting lots of sleep. I’m listening to: a DVRed episode of Dead Again. I’m grateful for: a steady paycheck – I don’t have to enjoy my job, but it’s providing for now. New professional opportunities. My clients enjoying themselves at a local arts foundation. A new jacket for autumn – something I […]

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Delayed gratitude.

Today 10.01.2014: I’m feeling: busy. I’m listening to: A Charlie Brown Christmas. I’m grateful for: my new Kindle, purchased exactly 1 month ago. The ability to read for pleasure again; while I love regular books, carrying them around only made my back & neck issues worsen. Paying off another debt in September. Filling out, and […]

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Week in review 06.15.2014.

Week in review 06.15.2014. http://t.co/zigk4B1flH — Spinster (@SpinstersC) June 16, 2014 Today: I’m feeling: a little relaxed, physically. Otherwise, so-so. I’m listening to: (or more like watching) Investigation Discovery channel. I’m thinking: hopefully this week will be better than last week. Last week was rough & disappointing, in my professional life and my personal life. I’m […]

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