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Once upon a time…

I used to write in this one blog. I pretty much abandoned it after I moved overseas, and especially abandoned it once I became a repatriate. Most of my writing has been done on this blog, so I mostly forgot about my first blog.

But lately, my travel nostalgia has increased because we can’t really go anywhere. (Gee, I wonder why.) I long for the days when I can travel again (but won’t hold my breath either). So a few days ago, I remembered my long-forgotten first blog and started reading through my first entries, and decided to share the blog here with you.

The writing on there (similar to this blog’s earlier years) is more reflective of a younger Spinster – more explanatory, long-winded and somewhat unnecessary; while also descriptive and younger, like a younger Spinster (maybe) should be.

If you decide to look at it, may it help quench your own wanderlust unless/until things return to “normal”.

And She’s Off! – Spinster’s Travels