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Grandparents Live in the Mobile Phone

Yep, understood. Wishing all of us/you the best.

Piglet in Portugal

I am convinced our youngest grandson thinks we live in his Dad’s phone. Thanks to the Coronavirus, we haven’t seen him since November 2019 when he was just nine months old. I doubt, given his age, he can relate to us in terms of flesh and blood – we are just characters like people on TV. We live in Dad’s phone. There but not there; people who disappear when he has the pleasure of pressing the ‘end call’ button.

It’s been tough witnessing his development via video calls through a screen 50 x 160mm. At his end, we are probably even smaller. His progression from crawling to taking his first steps, clapping hands, playing with his toys, reading books, bath time activities, and even his first words. 

I still remember the time our little granddaughter in France first saw us on the computer screen after a recent visit. Our daughter…

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One thought on “Grandparents Live in the Mobile Phone

  1. This is so funny – because it’s true and what we are dealing with.
    The 4 yr old knows us and we saw them Christmas, but his sister born Feb has never seen us in person – and other than staring/grabbing the little box that makes sounds has no connection to us at all.
    Even if we were in the same state, I’m not sure it would be different from what friends say.
    Oyez- such a tumble this year.

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