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Weekly Smile: An Act of Kindness

Good idea. Cheers.

Piglet in Portugal

Christmas is a-coming and the delivery men are in overdrive trying to deliver Christmas gifts. Finding our house is challenging enough, but when people do not provide our correct address, we are nigh on impossible to find. Needle and haystack springs to mind.

Our son ordered my Christmas present and told me it was on its way. It’s only a small lightweight parcel yet the delivery charge was almost half the value of the gift. I scratched my head as to why until I tracked the parcel online.
2 stops in the UK
1 in France
2 in Spain
1 in Lisbon
and then onto us.

I am not smiling at its carbon footprint, but I digress.

So what made me smile?

Now given vital details of the address were missing I am going to give the driver 10/10 for initiative!

When addressing packages we always ask people to include…

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Smile: An Act of Kindness

  1. Moving mail and packages is such a muddle.
    Our neighborhood keeps telling the local post office that we, the neighbors, should be splitting the carrier’s salary as we all spend so much time delivering misdirected packages and mail to intended destinations.
    Sad you can’t really believe the cheerful “tracking updates” from either Amazon or the Post Office…some machine creating an alternative reality gleefully gets your hopes up when it/the people really have a clue where stuff is.
    Frustrating as all heck

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