Whistling Canaries of mine

Nice piece of expatriate/travel history. Enjoy.

Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

woman. Soldier's unfaithful wife (Screenshot, SA300 Canary Islands Special KSAT) “Hey, babe. Wanna whistle up a storm?” (SA300 Canary Islands Special,KSAT)

Spicy food, unfaithful wife, murder, and a general wildness was just the start of it.

Birthday guest lists can lead to some unexpected surprises.

It’s not all about Mexico and the Tejanos for San Antonio’s 300th birthday celebration. Nope. 

Ya’ gotta include the Canary Islanders.

Around 1731 the King of Spain realized the few soldiers he had positioned around nueva españa was not discouraging French from sneaking in and attempting to secure the land for themselves.

So he sent 56 Canary Islanders, about 16 families, who volunteered (facing economic hardship from volcanic eruptions, epidemics, famines and some political unrest at home) to establish a town in the province of Tejas.

The Canary Islands settlers gave Texas quite a bit of flavor: in architecture, civil government, and food.

It’s not tortilla soup or even tacos without cumin/camino, and cilantro which…

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