Tourist for a moment.

4 years later, and the memories & nostalgia have come back for me, as someone who lived in London, United Kingdom during the 2012 Olympics. That was a good time, and all (or most, depending on who you ask) went well with few glitches. Re-blogging this for the memories; feel free to share yours and/or discuss the Brazil 2016 Olympics.

Spinster's Compass

I don’t consider myself a tourist, in general when traveling & since living here for a little over 2 years. I have a somewhat biased view of tourists, especially of my countrymen & countrywomen, that I’ve discussed here a few times. But since I live in the midst of what is now & will remain history, I can’t help but be just a bit excited, as an expatriate, about the 2012 Summer Olympics taking place in London (and other cities throughout the United Kingdom) – a major coming together of nations & myriad activities. I decided to hang around instead of escape the country for a few weeks, like some people here are doing/have already done. Now granted, that feeling of excitement is quickly gone once it’s time to battle…

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  1. philosophermouseofthehedge · August 7, 2016

    We had the Olympic torch run past our old neighborhood – there’s just something unreal – a link to the myths, ideals, and past – about that.
    But the traffic – must have been a nightmare in London

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    • Spinster · August 7, 2016

      Traffic was actually, for me, a little better than expected. (Can’t speak for anyone else.) The torch went through my neighborhood too; got a good shot of (now infamous) Oscar Pistorius and others with the Olympic torch.

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