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Wall Street Journal article: Repatriation blues.

As a repatriate, some of the points in this article hit home, especially since my return was (mostly) involuntary. Take a look at the article below and feel free to comment. Hopefully, other repatriates will comment too.

Repatriation Blues: Expats Struggle With The Dark Side Of Coming Home


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4 thoughts on “Wall Street Journal article: Repatriation blues.

  1. Interesting article. We passed on what looked like a chance to relocate to Scotland years ago. (sounded like Heaven) But after inquiring for exact details about what happens if….there was no help getting back to the states from the company at all – totally on your own even if the company eliminated the position or closed offices there. (and it was a couple of years later – the people there just got a call from the US office saying “sorry, Bye”. No assistance back at all. None. Totally dropped them.)Sigh.
    We have friends from Amsterdam with 2 kids born here (but brought up bilingual) – when the company relocated them back home, the oldest child managed, but the youngest, 4, refused to talk at all for months and was really upset.
    Another family decided to move back to Mexico to care for aging parents but it was a disaster for their bilingual kids. Their Spanish was ridiculed. They school system refused to take the kids as they were US born and considered foreigners. It got so bad the kids were finally sent back to live with relatives in the US.
    Not much easier on adults either?


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