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Let it snow.

Let it snow. (my photo, added to Instagram)
Let it snow. (my photo, added to Instagram)

It snowed a little less than a week ago, but aside from that, it hasn’t been a white Xmas/winter so far. It’s quite cold here otherwise.

How are the weather & temperature in your part of the world?


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4 thoughts on “Let it snow.

  1. Isn’t it funny how snowy scenes seem to be mandated for Christmas. And people get so disappointed because it just doesn’t seem like Christmas.
    Realistically, that never happens so many places. Unreal expectations and false advertising! Into the streets for equal rights for ugly Christmas T-sirts!
    Merry merry onward!

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    1. That’s actually a very good point – most places are too hot or too cold, and even with those in between the 2 extremes, one can’t expect a “white” Xmas. Oh well.

      I’d like an ugly Xmas sweater myself. 😉

      As always, thanks for stopping by.

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      1. You can make one out of a plain sweater. Glue. Instructions on TV yesterday. Here a sweatshirt is more comfortable – I have 4 and a couple are pretty old…they don’t get much wear.
        We should do a grant based research study on how many places actually have a white Christmas…maybe after a long winter’s nap…

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