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Why awesomely cheap airline flights are actually terrible

Interesting viewpoint on travel with discount airlines and how traveling with these airlines may affect the environment.


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5 thoughts on “Why awesomely cheap airline flights are actually terrible

  1. It is interesting. The planes now are better designed and more efficient. But currently fewer planes are flying (more overbooked/full). Many people cannot fly due to increased prices from local/federal fees/add on baggage+other airline fees. Reality is fewer(US residents, not internationals to here) are flying and more are driving – wonder how that balances out. Can’t win. Life is dirty. Would help if our elected officials stopped flying on so many trips for vacation, for raising money, for photo ops, for “investigative trips” ,… and all of them back and forth. Stay at work and get work done. And then there’s the celebrities…who tell everyone else to protect the environment, but them…oh, only applies to the poor and those little people who are foolish enough to give celebrities/politicians money despite it all
    (Sorry for the rant)


  2. Then again, perhaps “dirty” air flight is an effective counter example to the fraudulent panic mongering we have been subject to in order to make us stop using Nature’s energy?

    To unpack and “decondense” a bit, if the agenda is purely for people to stop using energy, then there is no real justification to turn our backs on science, and a justification must therefore be invented. The invented justification does not have to be so good if hysteria makes people disregard reason. Then, if more people fly and the planet keeps cooling, then the entire agenda loses credibility.


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