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Weekly update 06.29.2014.


I’m feeling: neither here nor there.

I’m listening to: blowing fans keeping us cool. The TV – FIFA World Cup Costa Rica vs. Greece with my uncle. (Haven’t followed the World Cup aside from this, to be honest. Basketball is more my game.)

I’m thinking: I’m so glad that this is a short work week. I want to re-start studying Portuguese again. I need to brush up on my Spanish; I took it for too many years (even minored in it in college) to just let it die. I need to update my résumé, fill out some paperwork for the next highest professional license, and apply for another credential. I wonder if I should take up my friend’s offer of getting a psychic reading? Never did one before…

I’m reading: nothing now, but that should change this coming week, as my now-former supervisor gave me 2 more reading books for my profession. I should be able to get myself a Kindle in July.

I’m looking forward to: having a short work week. Going to the gym; it really impressed me and I look forward to going regularly. Paying off 1 debt. Having something to do for the weekend (hopefully).

I’m learning that: I must stop always feeling the need to explain myself. Losing weight won’t mean much if my self-confidence is negative. Nothing will get done unless I do it – someone on my social media news feed said “Never ask for help. The ones who tell you don’t be afraid to ask are the same ones who claim they can’t help.” and sadly, I must agree. It isn’t even from a place of frustration anymore; it’s just a resigned acceptance and the story of most of my life.

I’m enjoying: these pita chips, which are healthier than buying & eating a bunch of cookies.

I’m grateful for: taking a free Krav Maga class last week, although it made me quite nostalgic about taking it while overseas. (I can admit that sometimes, I miss that place in spite of what they did to me. Blog post about that coming soon.) Joining the gym. My stepfather. My aunt & uncle. The ability to choose to stay away from (potential & definite) toxic situations with toxic people. My work team (minus upper management). Speaking to my friend’s daughter in England earlier today – I miss their family so much.

Around the house are: lazy folks enjoying a lazy weekend.

In the kitchen: new groceries.

I’m planning this week to: follow-up with the doctor’s office – doing the job of 3 people at work makes me quite forgetful, and it is time for me to just write a note so that I don’t keep forgetting because my health is more important that any job. Cook once or twice. Go to the gym. Get extra workout clothing and a lock for the gym locker. Do something for the long weekend. Look for a ticket to see my stepmother & sister since I couldn’t see them this weekend after all (long story).

My quote/verse for the upcoming week is: none that I can think of for this week. However, I suggest DailyOM for wise words when you want.


Spinster. Traveler. Just me.

9 thoughts on “Weekly update 06.29.2014.

  1. Keep pressing on P. This is your life and we each have to make the best of the time we have here. Glad you were able to separate from toxic situations this week … the more we do this the healthier we become.

    Not sure if I totally agree with the poster on your social media feed. It’s true that I’ve had the same experience with some people but I’m finding that I do have some diehard loyal people in my life and from them I will always receive help.

    Cheers for a better upcoming week. ❤


    1. Thank you. ❤ I actually received a timely e-mail related to my post; I may briefly blog about it and link it here. 🙂


  2. Short work week! (less traffic during it, too as some many managed to escape)
    Pita chips (Current downfall….must hit treadmill. Sigh – used to not have to worry, now it’s a constant battle…exercising does help energy level and raise spirits – but I’m so tired it’s hard to start moving…)
    (Sorry, I hope for rain on 4th so my dolts of neighbors aren’t able to shoot of fireworks while drunk and risk setting the houses on fire…yes it is against the law, but as usual, laws not enforced.)
    Find that ticket. Trip needed – it’s summer!


    1. Same here – slower metabolism & lower energy as age and temperatures increase. 😐 A hurricane may be headed your way, so maybe no fireworks after all? Take it easy & take care.


      1. That storm probably won’t amble here – but we may get rain. YEA! Plants will live a little longer! (This heat will do me in – it seems to get worse each summer although the temps aren’t that bad…my tolerance is less. We grew up without AC, but spoiled now)


  3. Just stopped by wondering…how is your Portuguese? Major Companies are starting work with/in South America – Spanish translations aren’t too difficult to guess – but they are looking for translators for Portuguese….might be something worth working towards and you could do it anywhere. Hope things are going well…horrid humidity and heat here now…can I sleep until Halloween when it cools down?


    1. Funny you mentioned Portuguese… been wanting to learn it for a while now, to go along with my Spanish. Thanks for the heads up; it gives me more push to go after some lessons again.

      New post should be coming this weekend. Very busy. 😐


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