Are You The Woman That Knocks My Socks Off ??

Let’s give this man a shot. Feel free to pass this along.

Bluefish Way

Wanted !!

A woman to share my life with !!


I visited Al’s blog last night who is having problems with dating agencies. I don’t do dating agencies. We have both decided to ask our blogging friends if there are any women amongst us who are looking for a serious relationship with either of us.

So I’ll put my cards on the table and will give you a link to my friend’s blog at the end of this post




Name:  Ralph

Age:  66

Lives where:  I own top floor large apartment in a mountain village near a river in southern Spain which has marvellous views.





About myself

What to say ?  My life story ? Just quickly. All my closest family, mother, father, sister are dead. I have been married twice. The first, for 14 years. I have two daughters who I am not in touch with…

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  1. Ralph · April 20, 2014

    Wow. This is totally unexpected. Thank you so much for the reblog. I have never been reblogged before. Is it painful ? 😉 I hope Ms Right reads this. Thank you again. Ralph ❤


    • Spinster · April 20, 2014



  2. Nicky · April 20, 2014

    It’s interesting that he’s 66 but looking for a 20+ year old. Story of many women’s dating life … never being the right age. :/

    Best to Ralph.


    • Spinster · April 20, 2014

      Age doesn’t seem to matter as much to men, nor are they penalized as much as we are for being certain ages. :-/ But I got the sense that he’d prefer someone close to his age. May we all find luck in that department.


      • Nicky · April 21, 2014

        Yes indeed. A woman of a certain age is treated like she’s at an expired shelf life. :/


        • Spinster · April 21, 2014

          Yep. :-/


  3. philosophermouseofthehedge · April 22, 2014

    How funny – what a hoot.
    A bit sad about the age thing – he’s missing out on a lot of fine women and companionship.
    Reminds me of one uncle that remarried in his 80’s to a much younger woman
    He was the “wild one” of the family – rode motorcycles after WW II, he and his wife drove airstream to Alaska. Traveled and explored everywhere. Greatest twinkling eyes and sense of humor. My aunt was the stabilizing one – a school principal
    He didn’t ask much and was financially sound – promised to leave it all to her: house, land, money if she stayed until he died. (in fact some of wanted him to get a prenup to protect him). He wanted a car driver. Well, they married – and after a couple of months she begged to be let go – apparently she though he was old and lived in a rocking chair. It was annulled. He finally moved closer to my dad and uncles in a retirement community – where he quickly became the darling of the community.
    Then there was my other uncle who in his 70’s married again – to a woman older than him. They were very sweet together.
    Sometimes not good to narrow the field unrealistically


    • Spinster · April 22, 2014

      “Sometimes not good to narrow the field unrealistically”

      Agreed. Hopefully, this blogger hasn’t. And what a story about your uncle. 🙂


      • philosophermouseofthehedge · April 22, 2014

        It would be nice if everyone could just live happily ever after…all my elderly relatives have blazed a pretty good path through old age – hope to do half as well.


        • Spinster · April 22, 2014

          Me too. Hopefully one day.


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