Are You The Woman That Knocks My Socks Off ??

Let’s give this man a shot. Feel free to pass this along.


10 thoughts on “Are You The Woman That Knocks My Socks Off ??

  1. Wow. This is totally unexpected. Thank you so much for the reblog. I have never been reblogged before. Is it painful ? 😉 I hope Ms Right reads this. Thank you again. Ralph ❤


  2. It’s interesting that he’s 66 but looking for a 20+ year old. Story of many women’s dating life … never being the right age. :/

    Best to Ralph.


    1. Age doesn’t seem to matter as much to men, nor are they penalized as much as we are for being certain ages. :-/ But I got the sense that he’d prefer someone close to his age. May we all find luck in that department.


  3. How funny – what a hoot.
    A bit sad about the age thing – he’s missing out on a lot of fine women and companionship.
    Reminds me of one uncle that remarried in his 80’s to a much younger woman
    He was the “wild one” of the family – rode motorcycles after WW II, he and his wife drove airstream to Alaska. Traveled and explored everywhere. Greatest twinkling eyes and sense of humor. My aunt was the stabilizing one – a school principal
    He didn’t ask much and was financially sound – promised to leave it all to her: house, land, money if she stayed until he died. (in fact some of wanted him to get a prenup to protect him). He wanted a car driver. Well, they married – and after a couple of months she begged to be let go – apparently she though he was old and lived in a rocking chair. It was annulled. He finally moved closer to my dad and uncles in a retirement community – where he quickly became the darling of the community.
    Then there was my other uncle who in his 70’s married again – to a woman older than him. They were very sweet together.
    Sometimes not good to narrow the field unrealistically


    1. “Sometimes not good to narrow the field unrealistically”

      Agreed. Hopefully, this blogger hasn’t. And what a story about your uncle. 🙂


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