Travel Contest: Win a Trip to New York!

Would you like to visit my city? If so, check out this travel contest.

The Shooting Star

You read that right. A free trip to New York from India is on the cards! Lufthansa is flying one lucky winner to The Big Apple, and offering 4 nights at iconic hotels in Manhattan.

And you can win it.

New York City, Lufthansa to New York Between the moon and New York City. Photo by Tony Fischer.

I know that many people don’t take part in travel contests because the odds seem against you. But trust me, it’s always worth a try. I relentlessly take part in contests, and it’s how I recently travelled to Australia and will soon be on my way to the Philippines. I became a contest-participating lunatic way before my blogging days, and won some of my earliest trips to Europe and Indonesia!

So follow my lead and try your luck in this one. Who knows, the stars might just align and take you to New York.

What do you win?

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