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Staying put.

In the words of the Prophet, “It is finished.”

Everything they've done since August has led up to this.
Everything they’ve done since August has led up to this.

(PLEASE NOTE: I’m using the picture to make my point, not for any religious purposes.)

After giving this some thought recently, and after reviewing the requirements for a work visa application, I’ve decided to stop looking for employment opportunities in the United Kingdom.

The visa application website requires potential applicants to qualify for a certain amount of points before moving forward. I hadn’t looked at it since 2010, so I didn’t remember what the requirements were. I took the preliminary test to see if I could go ahead with the application, and I met each requirement… except the sponsorship part. Therefore, I couldn’t go ahead with the application.

I don’t think it’s too difficult to get sponsorship in my profession from employers over there. What is difficult, however, is finding a reputable recruiter/recruiting agency to find a decent employer willing to offer sponsorship. Unfortunately, my experiences over the past few months led me to believe that most recruiters/recruiting agencies over there are shady. They’ve shat on me from the start, making shoddy promises and displaying a major lack of professionalism. Here are 2 examples of their “professionalism”:

Hi (Spinster),

I am looking to see if i can find a worksponser for you in London, will keep you posted ASAP


Recruiter Name

(P.S. I copied/pasted the e-mail exactly how the recruiter sent it to me.)

(P.P.S. The e-mail subject was “.” Yes… a period – that thing with which we end sentences.


Another one never spelled my government name correctly and used smiley faces in e-mail correspondence. (And no, it wasn’t a woman.)

I got so fed up with recruiting agencies over there, I decided to change the settings on 1 employment website such that recruiters can no longer contact me. I also changed the settings on another employment website such that neither my former employer nor another shady employer – which flaked out on me 3 times – can ever contact me again. If I work over there again, it’ll be on my terms and to hell with recruiters/recruiting agencies overall.

I’m also still experiencing the negative effects of what the former employer did to me. Now don’t get me wrong… overall, my time living in the United Kingdom was alright, but the last few months of my time there – along with my current challenges – left a really bad taste in my mouth. I try not to let those months color my whole view of the country, but I admit that it’s very difficult.

Will I live/work there – or any other country outside of the United States – ever again? I don’t know. After this experience, I don’t think I want to expatriate again. (I’ll always love travelling, though – that’ll never change.) But I’m not 100% certain about this, so who knows what the future holds. I’ve applied & looked for jobs all over so I’ll go wherever the money is. And if that means leaving the country again to get back on my feet, then so be it… even if – since I know that expatriation isn’t all cupcakes & roses – I go kicking & screaming for 1-3 years. However, I’d prefer getting my life back on track here, not in another country.

When I returned to the States, the ticket was round-trip because it was cheaper than a one-way ticket, and I scheduled to return sometime in Spring 2014. I plan on changing the ticket date to later this year. (Hopefully my life will be drastically different by then.) If I still feel a certain way about the country (and it is possible that I may feel the same way in the future), I’ll cancel the ticket altogether. But I think it’d be good to see a few of my old colleagues and a couple of friends, so I’ll likely just change the date instead of cancelling altogether.

There’s a lot more, but I’m going to end here. I don’t want to pass on my doom & gloom to anyone reading this, and many things are better left unsaid (until later?). It ain’t over until the fat lady sings. I’m fat, but I’m not singing… yet.

(WARNING: the following song has curses and derogatory words)

I will not lose…

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Spinster. Traveler. Just me.

12 thoughts on “Staying put.

  1. For whatever it’s worth, you have your experiences; good and bad, they help shape you into the strong woman you are. Life can be so unpleasant sometimes, but I agree — we continue to fight like the winners we are.


  2. Sigh. I once started trying to work overseas, but it is complicated and working with people long distance is tricky. There are so many who will take advantage or misrepresent situations.
    Things should be picking up this spring so maybe the perfect slot appears for you.
    I do hope you use that ticket – for fun if nothing else. Being there on different terms.
    Always good to hear how you’re doing!


    1. Getting more calls from employers over here (and 1 or 2 per week from over there), so hopefully this is a good thing. Thank you for your always-kind words.


  3. This is positive because you can then focus all your energy on finding work at home. You’ve left it open for possibilities though outside which is good but agree it is shocking how agencies and HR are in London. I wonder how they all have jobs. Best of luck, if you are coming to visit drop me a line and we can meet for a tea or coffee!


    1. You’re one of the first people who came to mind when I was thinking (and am still thinking) about my ticket. 🙂 If any place over there wants to hire me, they’ll have to deal with me directly with no recruiters involved, otherwise no deal. I’m now completely put off by recruiter/recruitment practices over there. 😐


  4. Have you considered teaching english? I have heard of other people who travel through these means. I don’t know if you are interested in teaching English but there is a demand for Americans to teach English in foreign countries.


    1. Yes, I’ve considered it and – thank you for reminding me – I need to contact a friend of a friend about possibilities. My education & career are nowhere near teaching, however, so I’m going to find out from the friend-of-a-friend if it’s something I can even pursue.


      1. From the few people who I’ve spoken to it doesn’t seem like you need to have an educational background. From what a friend explained, the institutions provide you with a syllabus. I have read a blog post of people who write about their teaching/traveling experience. I don’t recall them but if you do a google search, I’m sure something will pop up. There’s also green peace – an organization that may be of interest.


        1. Good to know. This will be another option for me to explore, which can sometimes be a good thing. Thank you for the heads up.


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