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It has been a while since my last update. Here’s why…

A good friend & donor to my fundraising campaign suggested that I take a break from anything & everything having to do with looking for employment during the holidays. She knows how much stress I’ve endured since August because of this situation. I listened to her and it did me a world of good. After the holidays, I re-started looking & applying anywhere for almost anything.

Looking & applying haven’t been fruitful overall because the economy here still sucks. From August 2013 until the end of 2013, I got calls for only 3 job interviews (1 part-time position, 2 full-time positions) out of countless jobs for which I applied. (Still haven’t heard anything from either of the three.) However, last week must have been a lucky week because I interviewed for 3 different positions (1 part-time, 2 full-time) in 3 days back-to-back; one of them called me for a 2nd interview, which I also attended last week. Hopefully something will come through. If not, I’ll keep looking & applying anyway, just like I’ve done since this situation began in August. I’ve looked and applied in different states & countries, for different opportunities and on different levels (over-qualified, under-qualified, and everything in between).

Returning overseas… I’m ambivalent. While I’ve fundraised the money needed for a new work visa (by the way, still accepting extra donations to help me get back on track), I vacillate daily between returning to England for 1-2 years and saying to myself “WTF is the point?” The country, and everything that happened to me, left a horrible taste in my mouth. I also feel somewhat defeated. I don’t know… my life (and my Self) is still in a very grey space and it’ll take me a very long time to get clarity. I still receive inquiries from England recruiters, which is alright, but I’m unclear about the visa process (haven’t applied since 2010) and may need sponsorship first before applying. So that’s another dilemma to handle, as I’m not sure what’ll happen with job opportunities here (or anywhere else, for that matter).

This is the short version of the story called my life. I’m still in limbo until further notice.

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13 thoughts on “Limbo.

  1. It is a tough spot to be in for sure. The job market is tough in many places but England will always need social workers so at least don’t close that option. Good luck with it and maybe one of those jobs will come through! Fingers crossed for you.


      1. Yeah it isn’t a decision to make light for sure. I’d be pretty mad at the UK in general if this happened to me but then I guess you have to think what will be best for you in the end. Life is mostly grey anyways but we all push for things to be a bit more black and white.


        1. Right. That’s how I prefer life – more black & white, more clarity. But that’s not how life is. It laughs at what you think should happen. 😐


  2. I’ve been wondering and glad to see a post. “very grey space” and confusion sounds about right – but 3 interviews last week? That’s amazing. Really. It is. Keeping fingers crossed. Know there is an opportunity out there with your name on it.


  3. Maybe you’ve already looked into it but isn’t there information on the internet that explains UK’s visa process?

    In my experience, I have found that headhunters are useless and a waste of time especially the ones that cold call you because they have a previous resume.

    I’ve recently been reminded of a website that offers jobs.

    Good luck.


    1. Thanks. No, haven’t looked at the website yet; been busy applying & interviewing for other jobs here. Honestly, the whole recruitment thing – along with the whole country – has left such a bad taste in my mouth… Stay tuned.


  4. I know the right direction will take place! BIg world out there and you have a place waiting on you! Don’t worry about returning any money I’ve sent. Keep it it is your’s if you don’t even go forward with Visa! Many Blessing to you!


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