RIP Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela passed away on Thursday 12.05.2013. He leaves behind a large family and a long-lasting legacy. Please check out this blog post, which is a good summary of his impact on people worldwide. Rest in peace, Madiba.

Quaintrelle Noire

We’ve lost an icon today. Along with other major civil rights figures like Martin Luther King & Malcolm X, no one can deny the influence that Nelson Mandela had on the movement around the world for social justice.

While the accomplishments and contributions of MLK and Malcolm X are undeniable, I only knew about them from reading books, hearing the stories my family told and watching archival footage of civil rights marches. Mandela was another story. What made “Madiba” different from the others is that unlike the others, Mandela was one of the only activists whom I was alive to witness in action.

I came of age during the height of the struggle to end apartheid. I watched the news of anti-apartheid protests in South Africa, that sometimes turned violent & deadly. The grass roots struggles in black communities in the US to pressure the US to denounce apartheid. Remember…

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5 thoughts on “RIP Nelson Mandela

  1. This really goes on Dec 19th post, but the comment box is missing there (Mandela will understand…)
    Every time I or my husband got laid off it during Dec…once he day before Christmas. Business calendar cleaning things up before the holidays/New Year. It’s hard to get any response about new jobs until after Jan. People are so flaky with the holidays, shopping, partying, and leaving early not much gets done. And most companies are pretty dead between Christmas and New Years – often working budgets and accounting. Even knowing that it was grim and depressing while unemployed.
    Something will open up. Although it’s really difficult when life is uncertain, try to do stuff you enjoy and never have time to do…there’s free stuff out there. Pamper yourself a bit before gearing up again – you’ll be recharged and do better when opportunities arrive. OK whack me for being cheery. Glad to see your post


    1. Thank you for your kind words. Will copy/paste your comment onto the correct post (don’t know why the comment box didn’t show up).


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