Reset my life.

I’ve tried getting back on my feet for a while now, ever since this saga began. Unfortunately, that’s difficult for a few reasons.

– The job market here sucks, to put it nicely. I’ve applied to countless jobs in different cities & states, but to no avail.

– I’m either over-qualified or under-qualified for many positions. The positions I’ve applied for run the gamut from receptionist to (insert top positions in my field).

– As a result of what happened, I don’t have money for a new work visa. So even though I’m still getting inquiries about returning to work in England almost daily, I can’t do anything without a new work visa… which I can’t get because I don’t have a job.

– As an aside, it’s still so odd (to me at least) that almost all the calls & e-mails I’ve received about new work opportunities are from England… yet I’ve applied here in the U.S. and only 2 employers have called me. I haven’t even applied to jobs in England; the agencies see my CV online and contact me, not the other way around. Very odd. I don’t even know how to take that… does that mean something? I have no idea; still trying to figure it out…

On a positive note (don’t want to drive anyone away with too much doom & gloom), I’ve received calls from 3 people back in England, 2 of whom are also American. It warms my heart knowing that a few people give a damn about me. I also received a call today from another repatriate who left England about 2 months before I did. And every once in a while, I get e-mails from a couple of old co-workers & new friends over there. Those are bright spots on days that are often difficult.

I still don’t know what’s next or where I’ll be. I wish I had a crystal ball. But such is life, ain’t it. I have no choice but to hope that I get back on my feet, whether here in the U.S. or in another country for 2-3 years. In the meantime, while I continue applying for jobs, I started a fundraising page on GoFundMe to raise money for a new work visa. I didn’t even want to do this, as it’s difficult for me to seek help, but a few people suggested it to me so I decided to try. Please see the link below. If you or anyone you know can find it in your hearts to help me, I’d appreciate it.

Reset my life – work visa



  1. philosophermouseofthehedge · November 25, 2013

    Obviously you have skills. How odd employers are calling from from outside the US – perhaps soon someone will be able to help you skip back over. Finding a job is difficult even in the best location here – mostly done by networking or knowing someone.Companies don’t bother returning calls. It’s very discouraging when companies will prefer to hire someone less qualified (pay them less – or think they will stay longer – they think anyone overqualified will leave as soon as something better comes along)
    Hang in there. An opportunity will show up ( but it would be nicer if it were sooner)


    • Spinster · November 25, 2013

      Thank you for your words of support. Gives me a little perspective.


      • philosophermouseofthehedge · November 25, 2013

        I remember how discouraging it is. Have you tried any of the nearby universities/college/research institutes/hospitals? – their website sometimes offer (non-teaching) positions you’d never expect to be there.
        Harder, too when you’re older no matter what the law says – that’s why so many end up starting up their own companies. There’s a slot for you somewhere. Try not to get too discouraged


        • Spinster · November 27, 2013

          Applied at a few hospitals, but will definitely look into the colleges & universities. Thank you again; I always appreciate your perspective.


  2. Wanderlust23 · November 25, 2013

    Agree with philosopher, the economy in many countries is not very good. I know unemployment in the US is high too (though falling). The UK will always need people in your profession and I think it is good you are still getting offers. Also sometimes it can be hard asking for help (trust me I know) but if it gets you to where you need to be then it was worth it. Best of luck.


    • Spinster · November 27, 2013

      Thank you.


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