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This sounds familiar.

I’m just gonna leave this link here. I’m not in the space to discuss further now, but trust me when I say that details will come in the future. In the meantime, check out the following link because I know this story all too well. Please take this as a cautionary tale, and comment if you feel so moved.

Australian therapist given just a few days to leave Britain >>>


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19 thoughts on “This sounds familiar.

  1. I think that’s a rough deal for her but why didn’t she deal with this in 2011 when the visa was up? Is there some loop-hole that allowed her to stay and work without the visa being renewed why the issuing body “deliberated”? If there is and that’s what worked for her, why is she being unceremoniously deported now? Two years for a response then 28 days to get out doesn’t add up; I can see why she’s so upset. I’d be.


      1. It seems so. I can see why she’s fighting full force. I’m lost at the point where they don’t respond to her but continue to allow her to work, pay her then give her the boot after they took two years to respond.


  2. The UKBA is utter bs. You know it, I know it and anyone who has been subject to their incompetency knows it. Hope you are taking the time you need to sort things out in your mind and how you want to move forward.


  3. I don’t know anything about the immigration bureaucracy in the UK, but if that’s how they treat educated expatriates who come over to work that are “wanted”, I can’t imagine how they deal with “unwanted” immigrants.


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