Iron Lady.

Margaret Thatcher, also dubbed the Iron Lady, died on Monday 04.08.2013 due to suffering a stroke in her hotel room as a complication of a surgical procedure. Honestly, I know very little about her, so I’ve not jumped on the “ding dong, the witch/bitch is dead” bandwagon.

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Margaret Thatcher, also dubbed the Iron Lady, died on Monday 04.08.2013 due to suffering a stroke in her hotel room after surgical procedure complications. Honestly, I know very little about her, so I’ve not jumped on the “ding-dong, the witch/bitch is dead” bandwagon. (Here’s the original.) I say this because based on my observations & conversations I’ve had with British, Scottish & Irish colleagues since her death, Baroness Thatcher did major damage to the United Kingdom, as well as abroad. Falklands war, dismantling unions, job furloughs, job destruction, 3 million unemployed, increased racism, anti-LGBT speech(es)… all during her tenure. Those seem like unpleasant things to me.

It’s rare for me to speak ill of the dead, and Margaret Thatcher’s death is no different. Adolf Hitler and his ilk, such as Pol Pot, Idi Amin & etc.? Probably. Slave-holders and plantation owners? Possibly. Pedophiles, child molesters & rapists? More than likely. But overall, I don’t revel in a person’s death. Those rules apparently don’t apply over here, though. Upon news of her death, parties broke out in places ranging from the London neighbourhood of Brixton, up north to Manchester, and even further north to Scotland. (A colleague took a camera phone photo of people celebrating in the streets. She’s young though, so she probably took it out of curiosity.) And there will be parties & protests in the days leading up to, and on the day of, her funeral.

Since I’m still learning about her little by little, I can’t give a full opinion about her. I am annoyed, however, that the government wants taxpayers to fund her funeral. We’re experiencing (or facing) a triple-dip recession and extra austerity measures began less than 2 weeks ago (much of them via benefits cuts), and her family is certainly not poor, yet we the people have to pay for her funeral? I consider it despicable & insulting to our collective intelligence. But that’s just my opinion, and that’s all she wrote.


Are you from the United Kingdom? Were you around during Margaret Thatcher’s tenure as prime minister? What are your thoughts about her in life, and what are your thoughts about her in death? How would you feel about your tax dollars (or should I say pounds sterling?) possibly paying for her funeral? What are your thoughts about speaking ill of the dead?

Street parties break out in Brixton (London) & Glasgow, Scotland

Ding Dong! set to top the charts–as-bbc-ducks-out-of-playing-it-in-full-8569960.html

Thatcher opponents “celebrate” her death

Alastair Campbell: tribute & debate her legacy (part 1 & part 2)

Funeral cost: £10 million… by taxpayers–estimated-10m-cost-of-baroness-thatchers-funeral-says-william-hague-8567102.html

4 thoughts on “Iron Lady.

  1. Before I go too far, I need to stress that I wasn’t a Thatcher fan, far from it but we need to consider certain conditions.
    Firstly, by the time the election came around in 1979, almost anyone could have beat the Labour party. We had inflation well into double figures, ( I got a pay rise of 26% in 1979 and on of 21% in 1980). Interest rates were around 15%. Well done Labour. Oh and lest we forget the earlier years of devaluation and quantative easing.
    Secondly, the unions were running the country. Most of my working life has been spent as a member of a union or management association. I have no problem with unions when they are used for the original purpose of their inception. The problem started when demands for wages and bonuses became exaggerated, when redundancies were opposed despite being necessary. Britain was struggling to remain competetive in the marketplace. Strike after strike by car workers, steel workers and miners took its toll.

    Come the election of 1979, who do you vote for? Weigh it up, another 4-5 yrs of Labours downward spiral or do you go for change. Lets face it, how bad can it get. As you would expect Maggie won quite easily.

    Unfortunately, the country was all but sunk. Tough decisions had to be made. Ordinary people voted for her hoping for solutions. It meant changes to taxation, privatisation of various nationalised companies, British Leyland, British Steel, The post office and the railways to name a few. What choice was there? These companies had to be competetive. It isn’t rocket science.

    As far as the Falklands goes, it was down to patriotism. Argentina invaded British territory. She got them out. As quick as possible. Why was that wrong?

    She made changes, some good, some bad. A lot of things could have been done in a different way. The miners killed their own golden goose. At the end of the day, she won three elections. Someone kept voting her in. Who was going to do better? David Cameron is in the same boat now, if not worse. What treatment will he get?

    From what I saw from photos, the revellers weren’t old enough to know anyway


    1. It has been interesting, to say the least, to hear all the commentary about her. Whether good or bad, she clearly made an impact. Thank you for your honest opinion/commentary, and thanks for stopping by.


  2. I’m surprised you didn’t know of her – she’s wretchedly famous! 🙂

    Honestly, the ding song the witch is dead is a bit mean – but my grandmother thought it was funny. She was the counterpart to Reagan in the US. The neo-conservatives that’s basically destroyed the working class. Or was the working class doomed no matter what? You make the call. 🙂

    I worked late tonight which is not the funniest way to start off the week. I’m on my way to Patrick’s now. I need him to get me at the train – I’m scared. Lol.

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    1. I only knew basic stuff and figured that Iron Lady was a derogatory term for her, but never really knew why. Learning little by little, though.

      Thanks for stopping by, and be careful out there.


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