PLEASE help my hometown (but please do NOT donate to Red Cross). May elaborate later.

Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

Yes, former Gov. Pataki, Anger will help. Get real.

Not a clever post.

Not funny? HA HA?

Funny only like a sad clown who’s mortally wounded but the audience chuckles on thinking it’s part of the act.

Chuchin the Clown. (Public domain.

People not used to hurricanes got slammed.

Other regions shook their heads.

And said “Oh, should have bought that flood insurance”

“Should have know if you live near water, it’s not if  but when disaster will strike”.

Everyone felt sad – for a minute. (Hey, the pizza arrive!)

Besides someone will help them: the feds, the state, the Red Cross who gathers all that money.

Oh, lookie a big winter storm hitting the damaged East Coast.

Bad things happen in three’s.

Oh, what football game is on?

It’s bad people. Bad.

Not bad like the dog went on the rug.

Or the kid’s getting bullied.

Not bad it’s raining and the bleachers will…

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