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Re-blog: giving thanks & a giveaway.

Do you like crocheting and/or knitting? Do you like giveaways? Well, here’s one. Check this out and pass it along.



The events last week and the subsequent damage caused in my neck of the woods has put me in an even more thankful mood than I usually am in.  All that happened was a poignant reminder for me — basically “in all things, give thanks.”  

That said, as I give thanks for all my blessings, I am sincerely thankful for the role and impact the crafting community has had and continues to have in my life.  In a small show of appreciation, I thought it was time for me to host a little giveaway.  😀

Back story to the prizes starts with my insatiable love for reading, and for bargain book hunting.  In the midst of all the bargain hunting and swapping with my reader crafty friends, I ended up with two copies of each of the prizes!  Rather than list them on…

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