Bittersweet Symphony.

(Thanks to today’s Daily Prompt, I decided that this new blog post title is just as good as my original blog post title.)

There has been a lot going on over the past few weeks. These are things that, overall, are out of my control. Change is rarely easy, let’s be honest. It can come suddenly, or, as would be the best scenario, one can get advance notice and prepare as much as possible under the circumstances.

In my case, the transitions I’m going through came with very little (if any) notice. As a result, these transitions take up a lot of my time and, therefore, I’ll be taking a bit of a blog break for a couple of months. When I say “break”, I don’t mean that you won’t see any posts. All it means is that I’ll be posting less than once weekly for now, as I still have many blog drafts to complete & publish (i.e. my last Portugal series post, Italy series posts on the other blog, other expat-related posts, etc.) and don’t wanna keep you (or me) waiting any longer to complete & publish them.

Please bear with me as I take myself through these transitions. I promise you – I’ll see you on the other side.


PLEASE help my hometown (but please do NOT donate to Red Cross). May elaborate later.

Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

Yes, former Gov. Pataki, Anger will help. Get real.

Not a clever post.

Not funny? HA HA?

Funny only like a sad clown who’s mortally wounded but the audience chuckles on thinking it’s part of the act.

Chuchin the Clown. (Public domain.

People not used to hurricanes got slammed.

Other regions shook their heads.

And said “Oh, should have bought that flood insurance”

“Should have know if you live near water, it’s not if  but when disaster will strike”.

Everyone felt sad – for a minute. (Hey, the pizza arrive!)

Besides someone will help them: the feds, the state, the Red Cross who gathers all that money.

Oh, lookie a big winter storm hitting the damaged East Coast.

Bad things happen in three’s.

Oh, what football game is on?

It’s bad people. Bad.

Not bad like the dog went on the rug.

Or the kid’s getting bullied.

Not bad it’s raining and the bleachers will…

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My own re-blog: Bonfire Night.

Reblogging my own blog post. Cheesy? Yes. Do I care? Not really. It saves me the energy of writing another post about today, since the same thing happens every year. 😉

Spinster's Compass

Bonfire Night (also known as Guy Fawkes Night) is an annual celebration observed on the night of November 5th involving fireworks displays and, of course, bonfires involving Guy Fawkeseffigies (and sometimes Pope effigies) throughout cities & towns in the United Kingdom (and some other countries). (Food is a major bonus.) Guy Fawkes attempted to overthrow King James I on November 5, 1605 in what’s now known as the Gunpowder Plot of 1605. He & his co-conspirators got caught & executed and the king’s subjects, only knowing that an uprising almost happened (they didn’t know the who/what/where/when/why behind the attempted uprising), celebrated their king being saved by having celebratory bonfires.

I bought myself some bangers & crumpets to eat in solidarity. 😉 There have also been fireworks going off throughout the week in my area, as well as other areas through which I travel. When this…

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Re-blog: giving thanks & a giveaway.

Do you like crocheting and/or knitting? Do you like giveaways? Well, here’s one. Check this out and pass it along.



The events last week and the subsequent damage caused in my neck of the woods has put me in an even more thankful mood than I usually am in.  All that happened was a poignant reminder for me — basically “in all things, give thanks.”  

That said, as I give thanks for all my blessings, I am sincerely thankful for the role and impact the crafting community has had and continues to have in my life.  In a small show of appreciation, I thought it was time for me to host a little giveaway.  😀

Back story to the prizes starts with my insatiable love for reading, and for bargain book hunting.  In the midst of all the bargain hunting and swapping with my reader crafty friends, I ended up with two copies of each of the prizes!  Rather than list them on…

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