Re-blog: thought in any direction.

Check out the Philosopher’s post about Blogging for Movember. I may take part in this, and maybe you should consider & do it too.

Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

Oh, all the signs are there.

But we can’t figure out where it is.

Just go home and come back in three or four months and maybe it’ll be big enough for us to find it.


Everything says it’s cancer, but they can’t tell him where it is?

Maybe we’ll have more luck after it grows a bit?

Is that fun or what?


There are limits to human knowledge and abilities.

People don’t like to admit that.

Want to blame someone.

The raging against the Universe.

But from that torquing earthshaking answers can belched up out of the muck.

“What if …” morphs into “this works. What’s next?”

Creative thought in the past has driven this country.

In garages, in dirt fields, in unfocused eyes

There’s velcro, memory foam mattresses, weapons against diseases – even water roller coasters flowing uphill.

Feedstock for thought:

Discomfort, need, and whimsy, too.

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