Re-blog: No Loss Of Words.

Reading is one of my loves. No one should be deprived of the ability to read. Reading & literacy are fundamental. They can literally save lives. Check this out and vote.

Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

Almost a flip – then a flop.  Stubbed toe on that step.

Quickly she looked around.


No reason to feel embarrassed. Whew!

She knew she was early.

Planned it that way.

Must be first in line.

She looked thorough the wavy glass on the door – shadows or people moving there?

Nose to the door she searched.

Oh, a wave of acknowledgement from a blur.

Happy, she stepped back.

OH! A nose smudge. How could she be so careless.

They didn’t mind her coming so much. They knew she was quiet and considerate. And careful

A quick swipe. There. Better.

A careful glance around. Good. Still no one.

Maybe sit a bit.

The wide stone ledge was awfully hot. There was shade and a bench down the sidewalk

But no. The door would open soon.

She perched like a nervous bird.

Better not risk it.

Besides it looked like someone…

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