Live Each Day Like It’s Your Last

As someone who’s dealing with a couple of medical issues along with other things, this blog post by a dear friend of mine helps me realise that there but for the grace. It’s so cliché, but as one becomes wiser, this seems to be so true. Take a look at this short yet meaningful post. Feel free to comment too.


I suppose it’s true — you know — that there’s a season for everything. 

I came to work today, already stressed about a huge project that’s been giving me trouble since last week, then got the call that put everything in perspective.  One of my co-workers at our PA location died.  In her sleep.  Early diagnosis is that she had a heart-attack in her sleep.  She was 32 years old, apparently healthy.

How does a person reconcile that?  Death at such an early age.  Death when there was no visible sign of ill-health.  Then there’s the life.  No family other than an 82 year old aunt and a close friend.  Work was very important to her, but was that enough?  Some things that seemed important at the start of my day faded away after that call.

The day’s pretty much gone by in a haze.  I want to go home and…

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