Bom dia: Lisbon, Portugal – day 2.

I woke up in the morning and my roommate was already gone. I’m glad that we switched roommates because she was quiet as a mouse, while I found out later that the woman who was supposed to be my roommate… wasn’t.

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(If you haven’t already, check out Lisbon day 1 before reading further.)


I woke up in the morning and my roommate was already gone. I’m glad that we switched roommates because she was quiet as a mouse, while I found out later that the woman who would’ve been my roommate… wasn’t. The group leader told everyone last night that the group founder’s friend, a Lisbon native, would be at the hotel at 10:00 a.m. to take us around for city tour. It was optional of course, but I wanted to go. Roommate went early for breakfast; I woke up with enough time to wash up & get dressed.

Along with waking up with a headache, I was still kinda down because of the money issue but my aunt was wiring me the money in a few hours so deep down, I knew that everything would be alright. Group leader said not to worry about money, just come with the group. I went into the bathroom and began getting ready. I did a quick wash up and brushed my teeth. I took a step and

somehow or another, slipped and busted my ass.

Thank goodness I didn’t hit my head or spine, but it wasn’t a pleasant fall. Marble bathroom floor + a bit of accidentally splashed water = disaster. I felt pain in the muscles between my left shoulder and neck.

I was thoroughly annoyed and, as a result, decided to meet the group for lunch instead. (Maybe I’ll laugh at the fall one day, who knows.) I sent the group leader a few texts and told him I’d see everyone later. I was already dressed, so I only had to put on my sneakers and leave when they were ready to eat. I turned on the TV, glad for a couple of extra hours to myself, and laid back down on the bed.

I fell asleep and didn’t wake up until close to 14:00 (2 p.m.). 😐

I checked my phone and saw that the group leader sent me a text at around noon to let me know about lunch. Quite annoying & embarrassing again. I sent him a text apologizing because I didn’t expect to fall asleep. He returned to the hotel in a cab & met me in front of the hotel, then we went to the city center to meet the rest of the group. Some of them were sitting outside of the city’s cathedral, Lisbon Cathedral, while others were taking photos nearby. I did a quick walk through the cathedral, taking some photos.

Santa Maria Maior de Lisboa.
Santa Maria Maior de Lisboa.
English: Patriarchal Cathedral of St. Mary Major.
English: Patriarchal Cathedral of St. Mary Major.

We then walked to a castle. Before we walked in to wait on line, we happened upon a street musician named Bubacar.

This is Bubacar, playing the xylophone.
This is Bubacar, playing the xylophone.

As we walked away from him, the woman who would’ve been my roommate said

You should have gotten his number. He’s a nice looking man. Wouldn’t it be great to make a love connection on this trip? *wink*

Yeah… No. While I didn’t disagree with her about him being a nice looking man, I think that she just wanted to play matchmaker because Bubacar has dreads like me and because he initially thought that I was Rasta. Sorry lady… 2 dread-heads don’t = instant love connection. I politely declined her bootleg matchmaking offer.

Only a few of us from the group wanted to see & go inside the castle, so we left the pansies who only traveled to get drunk & a tan the others outside waiting for us while we explored the grounds.

1 section of Castelo de São Jorge.
1 section of Castelo de São Jorge.
King Afonso Henriques.
King Afonso Henriques.
Cannon.  One of many around the castle for protection.
Cannon. One of many around the castle for protection.
Tagus River & 25 de Abril Bridge (Ponte 25 de Abril), one of many views from the castle.
Tagus River & 25 de Abril Bridge (Ponte 25 de Abril), one of many views from the castle.

The rest of the group (except for 1 other member) finished a few minutes ahead of me while I took photo after photo. As I made my way out to meet the rest of them, I happened upon




I found out that there’s an extensive garden further back on the castle grounds, where peacocks & peahens & other feathered friends – ducks & geese – wander around freely. I wish that I knew about it before leaving the castle, but at least I got a few priceless photos & video for memories’ sake.

We headed back to Lisbon city centre, where I asked around for the nearest Western Union to get my cash. I found one… but of course the computer was down because it’s just my luck for some reason, so the representative directed me across the city plaza to the next one, which was bigger and had working computers & multilingual representatives. I made the quick walk over & waited on line, happy to finally get some money. I spoke in Spanish, showed the representative my driver’s license and she said in Spanish

Sorry, but we don’t accept this. I’ll need your passport.

I didn’t have my passport. Why, you ask? It was in the hotel room safe; a few people told us that we didn’t need to carry our passports around.

Come on, say it with me now… FUUUUUUCK. 😐

To be continued…

9 thoughts on “Bom dia: Lisbon, Portugal – day 2.

  1. (Just when you think nothing else can happen, that fickle finger of fate….) Glad you explored the castle – it would have been a shame to miss it. The peacock crowd was a special treat just for you!
    So staying tuned!


    1. The peacock was even more beautiful in person. Everything happens for a reason, eh. 😉

      As always, thanks for stopping by. Part 2 coming soon.


  2. Hi
    Just found your blog and I love your honest observations! As a foreigner living in the UK I totally get a lot of what you have experienced- the rudeness, lousy customer service, lack of good law enforcement, sense of entitlement and lack of chivalry among others. Not to mention the messed up benefits system which basically allows a bunch of lazy, entitled people to sit on their asses all day, living off my hefty taxes. Friends ask me what the men are like and I say- forget it! They expect to be chased; the women here have spent decades catering to them so you end up with a bunch of spoilt little boys who fall apart at the slightest stress and despite the efforts of their women will cheat at the drop of a hat! he women are desperately insecure as well. My man is definately NOT Brit,lol.
    I came here all bright eyed & bushy tailed 7 years ago and let me tell you I have seen UK for what it is and its NOT pretty. We are planning to move soon to another country. I always tell expats- if you want to move to Europe, let the UK be LAST on your list. I get that the move could be potentially easier in that theres no language barrier as such but the downsides are so numerous (to me) it’s worth learning a new language and heading to say Sweden or Germany. I know no country is perfect but to be honest I doubt that there can be another western country as screwed up as this one. Would you consider comparing against the US? People often think the US has problems especially regarding race but you know what? It’s here too, just more hidden.


  3. Okay, 1st, to DeeDee…so much word! I’ve been in the UK for six years, and while initially I liked the novelty of being somewhere new, I now can’t WAIT to go somewhere else…for me, the UK is a starter expat country, lol.

    2nd…Spinster…waiting for the next part. Hoping things turned out okay…


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