CISPA (bing, bang, boom). Death of Internet.

Have you heard about CISPA? No? Well, here’s a simple & clear post from Philosopher Mouse of the Hedgehog which explains it. Take a look, then decide if this is something that you – my fellow bloggers & readers – want.

Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

Brought to you by the same state, Michigan, that now allows state agencies to come on private property, point out livestock they don’t like, and ordered them killed – or be charged with a felony, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA. H.R.3523) is looming in the Senate for a vote next week.

The measure passed the House Thursday (opposed by 28 Republicans; supported by 42 Democrats) having been shoved ahead one day for a vote.

This is your internet on CISPA

In order for this bill to fly through the Senate, backroom deals are now being made – and amendments being added.

“You vote for this, and we’ll add this in and vote with you on this” type of deals.

Dangerous politics practiced by both parties.

The President had said he will veto this bill.

This is not certain – given this is an election year – and…

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