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Short commercial break: Trayvon Martin.!/spinstercompass/status/181834199068721152

(written March 17, 2012)

Trayvon Martin.

This isn’t a 100% travel- or expatriate-related post, but it’s important enough for me to stray away from those topics a bit. As an expatriate, it’s important to me to keep abreast of current events in my home country. The following story is also one of the reasons why I left the United States and, therefore, somewhat relates to my expatriate experiences. I’m going to keep this post short because Trayvon Martin’s story infuriates me to no end, and I refuse to read or listen to anything about it until this cold-blooded racist asshole killer gets locked up. However, I wanted to give this story another platform so that it can reach all corners of the earth if possible.

When I first heard about this, I read that the scumbag killed an innocent & unarmed Black American 17-year-old named Trayvon Martin because he looked suspicious in the neighborhood… even though his father lives in said neighborhood. I checked to see if this boy had any criminal history because sometimes, people protest certain things even though the person involved was less than savory while alive, but of course this boy has no criminal history whatsoever. Then I read that when police searched the 17 year old’s body, they found a bag of Skittles & a can of iced tea – no weapons whatsoever. (I guess that Skittles & iced tea are really fucking lethal weapons that either I didn’t know about or described as such in state or federal legislation since I moved over here, unbeknownst to me.) Then I read that this scumbag is still walking the streets 1 month after he gunned down this innocent & unarmed Black American boy who went to the corner store to buy his little brother some candy & something to drink. As a matter-of-fact, this scumbag just started college courses to study criminal justice!

Who looks more dangerous?
Who looks more dangerous?

Now do you understand why this infuriates me? Now do you see why I refuse to read or listen to anything about this until this scumbag gets locked up & sentenced to no less than 25 years to life?

I’ve said enough; I feel the fury & rage again so I’ll end here.

Please, I beg of you, sign this Change petition. While I’m not listening to or reading about this unless real justice gets served, I suggest that you read more/do your research about this senseless & needless killing on your own. And if you feel so moved, raise hell about this case. One way that you can do that is by calling Sanford (Florida) Police Department’s Bill Lee at (407) 688-5070 (overseas – 001 407 688 5070). Tell Bill Lee to arrest George Zimmerman, the scumbag who killed this boy for no valid reason. Call Bill Lee until he can’t take it anymore. As for me, I’ll repeat this one more time:

I refuse to read or listen to anything about it until this cold-blooded racist asshole killer gets brought to justice. I don’t want to hear anything less than 25 years to life. Anything less is unacceptable.

UPDATE: Over 1,000,000 signatures. GREAT!!! 🙂 Keep on signing, keep on calling, keep on raising hell.

New York Times op-ed piece
I’m not the only one blogging this.
Witnesses to his death heard his cries before he got shot
Audio – 911 call petition to arrest this scumbag killer petition to arrest this scumbag killer


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19 thoughts on “Short commercial break: Trayvon Martin.

  1. Fed. Department of Justice is involved / in charge of investigation now. State Legislators have firmly said that the gun law the guy is trying to use as defense does not apply as he was chasing down the kid – it’s obvious the kid was not attacking him (so no self defense or fear of bodily harm). The Sheriff / police chief has stepped down. The community college has asked the guy not to return to class. Pretty much everyone is outraged over this one.


    1. I agree with you 100%. While this scumbag is clearly racist, it shouldn’t stir up stuff against the rest of that group of people (in this case, Caucasians). Thank you very much for the link.


        1. Ahhhh. Someone who’s ALSO considered a “minority”, hating another “minority”. A troublemaker who starts stuff, yet retreats & feigns ignorance & plays martyr when push comes to shove. Ain’t life grand.



            1. Indeed. That’s much of the reason why I won’t look at it. Like I said, the rage that it evokes in me… not healthy at all. I’m glad that you, and many others, see how horrible this is on so many levels.


  2. First of all those pictures of angelic Trayvon were taken when he was 12. You know why? Because when he was 17, he looked pretty damn dangerous.
    This whole case has nothing to do with Mr. Martin, or Mr. Zimmerman, it has everything to do with a law that the current federal administration and major media outlets do not like.
    Trayvon’s mother trademarked her son’s name as merchandise hit stands throughout Florida.


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