Update: Saving Sergeant Rex

This is a diversion from my usual musings. I’m re-blogging this because I think it’s ridiculous that the military want to put down this dog – in spite of people willing to adopt the dog – just because there’s no more use for him. (Is this the new motto for the military – use & throw away? But I digress.) Check out this blog & sign the petition on Change.org if you feel so moved.
In the meantime, more expatriate-related posts coming very soon.

Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

At 10, he’s considered old. Rex is certainly experienced – and probably wise beyond his years. Certainly a disabled vet deserves something. His friend and former soldier-in-arms thinks so – and is willing to give him a forever home. But, no?

You have got to be kidding.

Does the military realize they are holding the equivalent of Bambi hostage?

Sergeant Rex is featured in the book “Sgt. Rex: The Unbreakable Bond between a Marine and his Military Working Dog.” written by his first handler, Mike Dowling. Rex is a celebrity. (Read about the book here.)

Want to read more?

“Rex is my partner and I love him. The Marine blown up with her dog in Afghanistan now fights to save him”

In 2006 Rex and Megan Leavey were injured. When she originally requested to adopt him (2007), she was told he was “too valuable an asset”. ( So dramatic –…

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