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Travel resolutions (again).

I’m not going to wax poetic about my year in review, ups & downs, what I plan to do in 2012, etc. I think that I’ve poured out enough in my writing for you to know about my past ups & down. I will, however, wish you a Happy 2012. May you fulfill all your goals, especially your travel goals.

I didn’t fulfill my travel goal/resolution to go to Germany. I did, however, go to Italy – always one of the top countries that I wanted to visit. In 2012, I hope to visit Germany & Belgium, and I want to visit a warm island for my birthday. (I used the word “hope” in case I don’t get to those countries and/or visit different ones unexpectedly.) Everything else is up in the air and will be spontaneous, so I won’t list any other countries as definite choices.

What are your travel resolutions? How will you meet them? If you document your travels, how will you do so? And finally, if you plan to expatriate, where are you going and why?

Have a happy New Year. Don’t see it as the start of a new year; see it as the start of a new day.

Happy New Year.
Happy New Year.


Spinster. Traveler. Just me.

4 thoughts on “Travel resolutions (again).

  1. I hope to get to Glasgow to visit the hubby’s sister and her family – and hopefully(if I find employment!), make it back to the states with said hubby for my best friend’s wedding. Germany is for 2013, hopefully.

    And we need to get together!


  2. I’m gonna try for Italy (again), and maybe somewhere i have never been in the UK. Never overlook your own back yard. Oh and in an ideal world, i’d head out to the states again too. If your thinking of places now, consider Iceland- you can go see the Northern lights, a truely one off experince.


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