Feature post: IBIT.


Greg, founder/blogger & writer/everything else of I’m Black & I Travel (IBIT) (Twitter hash-tag #IBIT), happens to be an internet friend of mine. I’ve followed him since I simultaneously started my blog & Twitter account. I appreciate his musings on the connections between people of color & traveling, getting more people of color (namely Black Americans) to travel, and his weekly travel news digest & travel tips geared towards people of color yet are useful for any human being who loves exploring the planet. Greg read one of my posts about the recent riots, and he liked it enough to feature me on his blog’s occasional series, “Out There!”, on August 18th.

Check out my post on his award-winning blog, and follow him on Twitter @ImBlacknITravel. Thanks for the opportunity, Greg. 🙂

Click here >> OUT THERE: Me



  1. jeannie · August 30, 2011

    Greg wrote up a very thoughtful testimony!


    • Spinster · August 30, 2011

      He sure did. I told him that he was too kind. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.


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