Here we go again.

My laptop crashed again for the 2nd time in 6 months. It’s with the tech guys and won’t be ready for at least 10-14 days (not counting weekends). This is a real pain in the ass because in addition to it being kinda difficult to do anything on my phone, I can’t blog like I want to and keep up with the Post-A-Week challenge, nor can I access WordPress at work. It’s also a pain in the ass to go to internet cafes for obvious (and not so obvious) reasons. :-/ My apologies in advance for the lack of blog entries. It’s time to rob Peter to buy Apple. :-\ No more of this PC bullshit for me.

Anyway, I have a few posts waiting to be published in Drafts, and my 1st visitor (who returned home yesterday) may write a guest post or two. In the meantime, don’t go away. I’ll be back in effect soon (hopefully).



  1. Cathy Sweeney · April 4, 2011

    Tech problems are so frustrating, aren’t they? Sounds like you’re switching to a Mac. Seems to be the way a lot of people are going. I’m still on a PC — maybe I’ll make a change next time.


    • ph2072 · April 4, 2011

      A colleague/friend of mine was gracious enough to offer me her laptop until my situation is handled. She gave it to me today; not gonna use it much but it’s better than using my phone right now. Sick & tired of PCs; already setting money aside to get a Macbook as soon as possible (hopefully no later than June). Thanks for the comment. 🙂


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