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The little things.

I decided to share a message that I sent to a few select people on Facebook with my readers. It’s in its original form, no edits. I hope you understand the spirit from whence it came. (For a quick back story, check )

My apologies for the mass message. It had to be done this way.

I want to thank you for keeping me in your thoughts. You are part of the VERY few who know that I’m over 3500 miles from (my 1st) home and every single comment you make on all the stuff I post, every message you send, every e-mail you send/respond to….. In this selfish world, it counts. (Although I wouldn’t be surprised if more people found out by now. 😐 )

While technology is wonderful, it also makes people so lazy. VERY FEW people from home keep contact with me despite everything available – Skype, Facebook, Twitter, cell phones, regular phones, e-mail, messengers, etc. etc. etc. I expected this and, as a result, tried to prepare for it well before leaving the States. While it’d be better to see you in person or talk on the phone, I know not everyone can do it and/or afford it, so the fact that you’re on my Wall on a regular basis (or e-mailing me or sending me private FB messages or reading my blog) lets me know that I cross your thoughts. And it means a lot to me. It truly does.

So thank you. I appreciate it. I’m gonna go now because I’m getting soft and I ain’t no punk. (#LiesPeopleTell) Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

(You don’t have to respond. But to avoid annoying other people, you can respond directly to me if you want to respond.)

If you’re far away from loved ones, let them know how much you appreciate the little things.

Little things.
Little things.


Spinster. Traveler. Just me.

4 thoughts on “The little things.

  1. Love your statement… “I’m getting soft and I ain’t no punk.” You’re right though, I don’t feel the need for a smart phone because someone w/in 10 feet of me will usually have one and strangers are amazingly happy to Google for others.


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