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London Fashion (Faux Pas) Week.

I decided to take a short break from what I normally discuss to blog about fashion over here. I’m by no means a fashion expert. Trust me. 😐 So please take this with a grain of salt.

February 18-23 marked the arrival of London Fashion Week, a twice-yearly apparel trade show that takes place in February and September. While I’m not a fashion expert, I’ve known about the Big Four fashion weeks (New York City, London, Milan & Paris) for a very long time. The styles put forth range from structured & muted to colorful & unlimited; affordable to very expensive; made for regular chicks & chaps like me to made for socialites only. As I’ve gotten older, my appreciation for fashion has grown. I’ve mentioned this in past entries – practicing make-up application, dressing comfortable yet more feminine, looking to different & decent fashion blogs for help & inspiration, etc. So while I’m not a die-hard fashionista, nor do I go along with every single trend that comes out every few weeks (whoever created jeggings, revamped gaucho pants and pajama jeans should be slapped), I pay a little more attention to what’s “in” that’ll last a long time. In other words, I like seeing clothing that’ll last at least 1 generation – classic, so to speak, like the necessary little black dress for women that’ll never go out of style. Donna Karan, Chanel, Calvin Klein, and Ozwald Boateng are but a few designers who make timely, long-lasting, classic pieces. Of course, my salary doesn’t afford me the luxury of buying pieces from most of these designers, most of the time….. 😐 but hopefully you get what I’m saying.

With that said, it surprised me upon moving to this country that everything is not as it seems when it comes to fashion here. I’ll explain.

Before moving here, I visited twice over the past few years and, for the most part, admired (and still admire) the fashion sense here. I’d already known that this country is home to a major fashion world capital, as shown by the high streets being lined with designers ranging from Brooks Brothers to Burberry, as well as stores ranging from Topshop to John Lewis to Debenhams to the ultra-expensive-and-sometimes-gaudy Harrods. Moving here wouldn’t change that…..

Or so I thought.

Below you’ll find some proof that not everyone here shows the fashion sense that this fashion capital should exude worldwide.

Am I really that out of fashion? Has my eye for fashion gone blind again? Is this really what's hot & trendy today?
This must be Dis-United Weave/Wig-Dom instead of the United Kingdom because this is a very common sight around these parts.
Don't even know what to say about this. *shaking my head*
Come on son. --Ed Lover

Someone help me understand. Where’d London Fashion Week go wrong that these travesties occurred? What’s your signature style? What, if anything, would you improve about these folks’ fashion sense? Am I wrong for doing this?


Spinster. Traveler. Just me.

8 thoughts on “London Fashion (Faux Pas) Week.

  1. Those girls with the black tights on…they are everywhere and I really don’t get it. Ugliness aside, aren’t they cold?

    And yeah…those wigs/weaves/other hair related craziness…welcome to the world capital of black folks with low self esteem. Don’t dare come up north, it’s WORSE. You see folks with heads from alternate universes up here, but they’re *done*.


  2. I have a couple of those tights and they’re ok if you buy a good quality pair and they fit correctly, not all tights are the same. The problem comes in when people are wearing the really thin ones that look like see through panty hose, especially when they’re a tad too small.


    1. The thin ones are the worst. A woman can get away with the look if the tights are opaque and worn the right way. Otherwise….. 😐


  3. Oh gosh! You made me laugh out loud with some of these- particularly the “weave-alicious” black lady!!! Looking forward to seeing some of these faux pas when I move to London!


  4. Fun post – nice to get your perspective on London fashion. I’m not a fashion expert either, but think I’ve got some style sense. What are some people thinking? Oh well, as long as it makes them feel good. I like the classics, too. Sad to say I didnt’ know of Ozwald Boateng — I’ll look him up!


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