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Here we go again.

My laptop crashed again for the 2nd time in 6 months. It’s with the tech guys and won’t be ready for at least 10-14 days (not counting weekends). This is a real pain in the ass because in addition to it being kinda difficult to do anything on my phone, I can’t blog like I want to and keep up with the Post-A-Week challenge, nor can I access WordPress at work. It’s also a pain in the ass to go to internet cafes for obvious (and not so obvious) reasons. :-/ My apologies in advance for the lack of blog entries. It’s time to rob Peter to buy Apple. :-\ No more of this PC bullshit for me.

Anyway, I have a few posts waiting to be published in Drafts, and my 1st visitor (who returned home yesterday) may write a guest post or two. In the meantime, don’t go away. I’ll be back in effect soon (hopefully).

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Quick blog break.

Hello everyone. My first visitor is here. 🙂 She’ll be here for about 1 week. So pardon the lack of posting in advance. On a good note, her visit is providing lots of blogging material along with at least 2 blog drafts that are already in process.

Back to entertaining. See you later.

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The little things.

I decided to share a message that I sent to a few select people on Facebook with my readers. It’s in its original form, no edits. I hope you understand the spirit from whence it came. (For a quick back story, check )

My apologies for the mass message. It had to be done this way.

I want to thank you for keeping me in your thoughts. You are part of the VERY few who know that I’m over 3500 miles from (my 1st) home and every single comment you make on all the stuff I post, every message you send, every e-mail you send/respond to….. In this selfish world, it counts. (Although I wouldn’t be surprised if more people found out by now. 😐 )

While technology is wonderful, it also makes people so lazy. VERY FEW people from home keep contact with me despite everything available – Skype, Facebook, Twitter, cell phones, regular phones, e-mail, messengers, etc. etc. etc. I expected this and, as a result, tried to prepare for it well before leaving the States. While it’d be better to see you in person or talk on the phone, I know not everyone can do it and/or afford it, so the fact that you’re on my Wall on a regular basis (or e-mailing me or sending me private FB messages or reading my blog) lets me know that I cross your thoughts. And it means a lot to me. It truly does.

So thank you. I appreciate it. I’m gonna go now because I’m getting soft and I ain’t no punk. (#LiesPeopleTell) Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

(You don’t have to respond. But to avoid annoying other people, you can respond directly to me if you want to respond.)

If you’re far away from loved ones, let them know how much you appreciate the little things.

Little things.
Little things.
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London Fashion (Faux Pas) Week.

I decided to take a short break from what I normally discuss to blog about fashion over here. I’m by no means a fashion expert. Trust me. 😐 So please take this with a grain of salt.

February 18-23 marked the arrival of London Fashion Week, a twice-yearly apparel trade show that takes place in February and September. While I’m not a fashion expert, I’ve known about the Big Four fashion weeks (New York City, London, Milan & Paris) for a very long time. The styles put forth range from structured & muted to colorful & unlimited; affordable to very expensive; made for regular chicks & chaps like me to made for socialites only. As I’ve gotten older, my appreciation for fashion has grown. I’ve mentioned this in past entries – practicing make-up application, dressing comfortable yet more feminine, looking to different & decent fashion blogs for help & inspiration, etc. So while I’m not a die-hard fashionista, nor do I go along with every single trend that comes out every few weeks (whoever created jeggings, revamped gaucho pants and pajama jeans should be slapped), I pay a little more attention to what’s “in” that’ll last a long time. In other words, I like seeing clothing that’ll last at least 1 generation – classic, so to speak, like the necessary little black dress for women that’ll never go out of style. Donna Karan, Chanel, Calvin Klein, and Ozwald Boateng are but a few designers who make timely, long-lasting, classic pieces. Of course, my salary doesn’t afford me the luxury of buying pieces from most of these designers, most of the time….. 😐 but hopefully you get what I’m saying.

With that said, it surprised me upon moving to this country that everything is not as it seems when it comes to fashion here. I’ll explain.

Before moving here, I visited twice over the past few years and, for the most part, admired (and still admire) the fashion sense here. I’d already known that this country is home to a major fashion world capital, as shown by the high streets being lined with designers ranging from Brooks Brothers to Burberry, as well as stores ranging from Topshop to John Lewis to Debenhams to the ultra-expensive-and-sometimes-gaudy Harrods. Moving here wouldn’t change that…..

Or so I thought.

Below you’ll find some proof that not everyone here shows the fashion sense that this fashion capital should exude worldwide.

Am I really that out of fashion? Has my eye for fashion gone blind again? Is this really what's hot & trendy today?
This must be Dis-United Weave/Wig-Dom instead of the United Kingdom because this is a very common sight around these parts.
Don't even know what to say about this. *shaking my head*
Come on son. --Ed Lover

Someone help me understand. Where’d London Fashion Week go wrong that these travesties occurred? What’s your signature style? What, if anything, would you improve about these folks’ fashion sense? Am I wrong for doing this?