Here we go again.

My laptop crashed again for the 2nd time in 6 months. It’s with the tech guys and won’t be ready for at least 10-14 days (not counting weekends). This is a real pain in the ass because in addition to it being kinda difficult to do anything on my phone, I can’t blog like I […]

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Quick blog break.

Hello everyone. My first visitor is here. 🙂 She’ll be here for about 1 week. So pardon the lack of posting in advance. On a good note, her visit is providing lots of blogging material along with at least 2 blog drafts that are already in process. Back to entertaining. See you later.

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London Fashion (Faux Pas) Week.

I decided to take a short break from what I normally discuss to blog about fashion over here. I’m by no means a fashion expert. Trust me. 😐 So please take this with a grain of salt. February 18-23 marked the arrival of London Fashion Week, a twice-yearly apparel trade show that takes place in […]

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