Realizations (part II).

I’m getting used to, and appreciating, some things about this country….. universal healthcare, broad cultural diversity, tons of things to do around town if I so please….. different foods…..

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With the amount of time I spent at home, I did what I usually do – think too much. Or maybe it isn’t a matter of thinking too much; that I have a 2nd home & traveled to my always-1st home gives me plenty of material to compare & contrast. I decided to compile a list of most of these thoughts for your reading pleasure. (Here’s part 1 for those who didn’t catch it.)

7. Sometimes, clothes do make the person. Putting my focus on clothes that fit my frame, as opposed to focusing on weight gain & body image, helped me feel a bit better about myself (check out this entry for details). I also purchased a small amount of make-up to add to my collection & accentuate my natural features, and I’m making more of an effort again to put it on, even if it’s just a little lipstick every day or every other day. Next step: enrolling in at least 1 activity that’ll keep me healthy & tone up my body in the process.


8. If I move again, no matter where that is, it should be to a temperate climate. I’m sick of dealing with bitter cold, snow, blizzards, black ice, etc. I’m settling in here and I also grew up with somewhat-harsh winters, but this gloomy weather (rain, snow, clouds, fog) is utter shit. Thank goodness that England has decent summer weather.

Tired of this.
Tired of this.

9. I can’t deal with New York City public transportation anymore. Lacking a car for most of my time at home sucked big time. I don’t own a car here (yet) and public transportation here has taken some getting used to, but for some reason it seems even more aggravating to manage back home. It’s easier to get around with a car, even in a metropolis as huge as New York City. Next time I go home, I’m gonna save enough money to rent a car for the length of my trip.

This makes England public transportation very fun.
This makes England public transportation very fun.

10. I love New York City. When it comes to each borough however, I hate Manhattan. It’s so overrated. It’s just not the same anymore. We can thank the very-well-off & the invading hipsters for that (as well as their Brooklyn invasion). I’ll take the other boroughs over Manhattan any day. (I have to admit though….. I’ll head uptown to Harlem for some good fried fish or Senegalese food, or Washington Heights/Inwood for delicious Dominican food. Besides those small areas, I’m over it.)

11. I can’t hop around from state to state like I used to when I was younger – road trips, catching flight upon flight, etc. I was supposed to visit family members in Pennsylvania, Virginia and Florida, with possible trips to Georgia, Arkansas and Washington State. My cash isn’t that disposable (never really has been); I’m not that young anymore; and last but certainly not least, I need people to meet me halfway. My great-aunts, who are in their 80s, are exempt from this for obvious reasons. Everyone else should meet me halfway at least once during my visit.

12. I’m getting used to, and appreciating, some things about this country. I’m thankful for universal healthcare, broad cultural diversity, tons of things to do around town if I so please, and all the different foods available to me, among other things. I even appreciate things as small as not ever having to pay ATM fees when I withdraw money from a bank that’s not my own. (I can’t stand the banks here in general, but that’s another rant for another blog entry.)

My thoughts are many….. too many. Part 3 coming soon.


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