Travel resolutions.

Happy New Year. Take it easy and take care.

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I’m not going to wax poetic about my year in review, ups & downs, what I plan to do in 2011, and all that bullshit. I don’t really feel like it. I will, however, wish you a Happy 2011. May you fulfill all your goals, especially your travel goals.

My travel goal/resolution is to go to Germany. Everything else is up in the air and will likely be spontaneous, so I won’t list any other countries as definite choices. Suffice it to say that I intend to visit other places as well.

Happy New Year. Take it easy and take care.

What are your travel resolutions? How will you meet them? If you document your travels, how will you do so? And finally, if you plan to expatriate, where are you going and why?

3 thoughts on “Travel resolutions.

  1. 35/50 states visited thus far! I plan to visit states to which I’ve never been before. I am forecasting California or Kansas! I like to re-visit familiar places also. Some places are worth more than one visit. For example, Boston, Chicago and St. Louis! Whether I know someone there or not I go see what I can, while I can.

    In 2010, I started using Google Calendar to track when I visit some place and I use Foursquare and Gowalla also! It is fun to see what badge or pin you can earn by checking into various places. I also try to take pictures and record video when I can. you don’t take a picture of something you want to forget
    In addition, I use Yelp to locate places to eat and write reviews. I find it helpful to read the opinions of others. When I travel, I seek the local places – you can go to a chain restaurant almost anywhere.

    I’ve done little International travel, I am not planning any in 2011. However, I do not preclude it!

    Safe travels!


    1. Thanks for the Yelp recommendation; heard about it a few years ago but never used it. May start using it for my day-to-day life and outside travels.

      My recommendation for lodging reviews is TripAdvisor.

      Keep me posted about your jaunts. 🙂


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