Unexpected stuff.

Hello readers. I’d like to apologize for a lack of posting lately. If you follow me on Twitter @spinstercompass, you know what’s up.

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Hello readers. I’d like to apologize for a lack of posting lately. If you follow me on Twitter @spinstercompass, you know what’s up. Just in case you don’t follow me, here’s what’s up:

Last weekend whilst on Skype with my aunt, the laptop crashed. I bought the damn thing exactly 1 month before, which is why I don’t understand why the hell it crashed. If I had the money, I’d purchase a Mac immediately because I’m sick of everything Microsoft. 😐 Thank goodness I (reluctantly) took the laptop insurance the computer store offered me because I don’t have to pay for any repairs. The laptop crashed on Saturday night; the tech people had it picked up by Tuesday. Unfortunately for me, everything in this country takes forever to get done, so I may not have it back for at least another week….. hence my lack of posting. I can only do but so much on an iPhone. 😐

2 days after my laptop crashed, I woke up for work and felt like complete shit. I had sinusitis exactly 2 months beforehand, so I thought I’d be alright within 2 days. I took Monday off in the hopes that I’d be better by Tuesday or Wednesday. I woke up on Tuesday and felt even worse. I called in sick again and went to the doctor’s office, where I was told that I have a nasty viral cold. She told me to continue taking decongestants, buy Vick’s, and breathe in steaming hot water vapors to open up my nasal passages. Wednesday….. Thursday….. Friday….. still sick. Headaches, blocked sinuses, coughing, sneezing, phlegm….. Oh my. :-/ I’m still under the weather but feel better than I have in the past 6-7 days. I’m gonna go back to the doctor’s office and see if I can get something to break up all this nasty phlegm. 😐

On Saturday I received some terrible news – one piece of news after the other. My friend has a major situation going on with her son, to the point that it actually made me break out into hives. Afterwards, I found out that a younger cousin of mine died a few days ago in his sleep. Since I’m so far away and pretty much broke, I can’t go home for his services. As bad as 2010 has been, I was hoping that my family wouldn’t be struck with any deaths this year.

Needless to say, I haven’t had the capacity to blog even though I have lots of material to blog about. I know that I don’t have to explain myself, but I felt that since this is a new blog and I haven’t written anything new in over 1 week, I owed anyone who reads this an explanation.

Please be patient with me. I should be back in full effect (hopefully) in a week.

3 thoughts on “Unexpected stuff.

  1. Wow, that’s a lot to get hit with all at once. Lots of stress, physical and mental. I think I’m quite over 2010 too – I’m already looking ahead at making 2011 better.


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