Reblog/Re-blog: Give it up for the Introverts!


Thank you, extrovert lady, for describing me and my fellow introverts pretty well. Nothing more to add, really; this says it all.

Originally posted on Exploring Pixie:

My husband is an I. So is my best friend. And a couple of other most important folks in my world. (Yes, we’re talking about personalities again. Deal with it.)

Here’s the thing about Introverts.

They’re not shy, lacking in self-confidence, grumpy men (whoa… enough of throwing eggs and tomatoes at me already, it’s a real fur coat, dammit), no matter how often the society portrays them this way, even as a joke. I know very well than when I was younger I just didn’t understand Introverts. Perhaps understand is not the right word as there are things I will never understand since I’m not an Introvert myself; I didn’t appreciate them enough. I didn’t realise the hidden power, the skill, the thoughtfulness, the depth of what Introverts bring to the table. I’m being very honest about it.

That tendency to favour Extroverts is something that not only Extroverts suffer…

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3 thoughts on “Reblog/Re-blog: Give it up for the Introverts!

  1. I’ve had this on my reading wishlist for a while. My current job is hard for me being an introvert … it’s physically exhausting most days, even when nothing negative happens. When I withdraw in order to recoup, I find myself being labelled in all kinds of ways.

    I think it’ll do you well to read it to. Maybe we could read it together?

    Book: Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking

    • Plan on reading it once I can buy it and/or get a Kindle. I heard it’s a good book.

      P.S. I identify with everything in your comment.

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